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Check out our event photos from Forest Farming Nat…

11-11-2016 Hits:1987 News and Events

A Training for Woodland Owners. This event was hosted by Rural Action and the Appalachian Beginning Forest Farmer Coalition.

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Medicinal Plant Conservation Certificate Program f…

24-10-2016 Hits:21560 News and Events

Medicinal Plant Conservation Certificate ProgramSpring & Fall 2018Rutland, Ohio   Spring 2018: Monday, April 30 - Friday, June 8.Fall 2018: Tuesday, Sept. 4 -  Friday, Oct. 12.(Move-in weekend before each.) Hard Working? Motivated to learn about medicinal plants? Want an opportunity to live and work on United Plant Savers' 360-acre Goldenseal Botanical Sanctuary in Ohio? Interns will work and take classes for approximately 40 hours per week with the remainder their time left for independent pursuits. Typically this free time would include exploring the...

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A Golden Opportunity

19-11-2015 Hits:3620 News and Events

A Golden Opportunity By Emily Cook Participants of the workshop in front of the iconic sanctuary sign, made from a tree on site that fell in a tornado. "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committedcitizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." --Margaret Mead/UPS website The Sacred Seeds Program supported by New Chapter sponsored the Nurturing Your Botanical Sanctuary. This event took place on October 1st and 2nd, with experts, academics, and land stewards convened at...

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IN REVIEW: Growing American Ginseng: Insights, Met…

24-08-2015 Hits:6799 News and Events

Sat, August 08, 2015 United Plant Savers in conjunction with Rural Action presented Growing American Ginseng: Insights, Methods, and Opportunities United Plant Savers Goldenseal Sanctuary, Rutland Last weekend, the Goldenseal Sanctuary in Rutland Ohio was bustling with activity for the United Plant Savers and Rural Action workshop, Growing American Ginseng: Insights, Methods, and Opportunities. Forty-four participants came from Ohio, Kentucky, New York, West Virginia, Maryland, Michigan, Indiana, and Wisconsin to learn from experts in the field of ginseng cultivation, harvesting, and marketing. Tanner Filyaw from Rural Action moderated the event...

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Register: BSN & Sacred Seeds 2-day workshop

13-07-2015 Hits:7138 News and Events

 “Nurturing Your Botanical Sanctuary” to be held at the Goldenseal Sanctuary October 1st and 2nd, 2015 By Alison Ormsby and Susan Leopold. What is Sacred about Medicinal Plant Conservation? For centuries, traditional healers have used medicinal plants.  In addition, it is recognized that custodians of sacred groves/natural sites hold knowledge about the botanical resources of these areas.  Many sacred sites contain medicinal plants not found elsewhere.  In order for these important plants to survive for future generations, it is critical that they are...

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Birds & Herbs Hike Saturday, May 9th

29-04-2015 Hits:2987 News and Events

Rural Action and United Plant Savers will be hosting a “Birds and Herbs” spring outing on Saturday May 9, 2015 from 9 a.m. until Noon. The event will be held in Meigs County at United Plant Savers 300 acre Goldenseal Sanctuary near Rutland Ohio. This property features some of the best herb and wildflower populations found in Southeast Ohio. The forests, fields, and waterways on the property also host an abundant variety of both resident and migratory songbirds, especially the colorful and musical warblers that...

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Planting the Future: Stewardship of Sanctuary

17-11-2014 Hits:4724 News and Events

OCTOBER 4, 2014 RUTLAND, OH The weather was literally 20 degrees warmer with full sun the day before our big event at the Goldenseal Botanical Sanctuary in Rutland, Ohio. We were still in set up mode the evening before as the grumpy cumulus clouds moved in and hoarded the sky vowing cold, hard rain. But all hope was not lost on the incumbent weather, for when the temperature and rain both began to plummet, interspersing promises of sunshine were also breaking...

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Jim and Peggy Duke Welcome Center

27-06-2014 Hits:4203 News and Events

United Plant Savers’ Goldenseal Sanctuary announces plans to raise funds to renovate an old barn into the “Jim and Peggy Duke Welcome Center”. How can you get involved & help? Firstly, we are asking for contributions to our ‘brickby- brick program’. For a $1,000 donation your name or organization will be featured as a donor to our ‘Welcome Center Fund’. Welcome Center Flyer (PDF)  

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The Sanctity of Sanctuary

11-10-2013 Hits:3493 News and Events

Goldenseal Sanctuary has been Featured in a Movie! The Sanctity of Sanctuary: Paul Strauss and the Equinox Farm, is an Appalachian love affair between a man, his farm, and his desire to make the world a better place. Paul has rehabilitated land left bare by strip mines and has helped to create the United Plant Savers Sanctuary to preserve endangered medicinal plants. He is visited by herbalists from all over the world and holds classes on his 300-acre organic farm. His vision...

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A Day in the Woods: Wild Culinary & Propagation Adventures!

Fri, April 14, 2017
Rutland, Ohio






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A Sanctuary for Wild Medicinal Herbs

A Sanctuary for Wild Medicinal Herbs ..

Nestled in the Appalachian foothills of southeastern Ohio, the Goldenseal Botanical Sanctuary is home to hundreds of native medicinal plants growing in abundance. The purpose of the sanctuary is to provide a place for people to enjoy and learn from the plants found here without disturbing them in their habitat.

In the late 1990’s United Plant Savers acquired roughly 380 acres of land in prime medicinal plant territory to create the Goldenseal Sanctuary, the inspiration and model for a network of more then 100 independent botanical sanctuaries created and stewarded by UpS members. The sanctuaries share a common conservation ethic, modeled by the Sanctuary: medicinal habitats are protected for the sake of the plants and for future generations.

Goldenseal Botanical Sanctuary runs a 6-week program in the fall and spring,  where a small group of dedicated participants can earn a "Certificate in Medicinal Plant Conservation". Those dedicated to the calling of plant conservation should consider applying!