The Beginnings of a New Herbal Adventure by Jennifer Heinzel

United-Plant-Savers-INTERNSHIP!!!-063This past fall I had the incredible, and I still believe once in a lifetime experience, to be an Intern at the United Plant Savers ‘Goldenseal Sanctuary’, in Rutland, Ohio! What an incerdible 6 week journey it was! I came from a gorgeous green summer in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to this ‘heaven on earth’ for herbalists to the most diverse area in the country of medicinal plants, and some of the rarest ones still (American Ginseng, Black and Blue Cohosh, and Goldenseal to name a few). The first day was mostly getting settled in, along with still being in awe that this amazing place I read about, via the United Plant Savers Journal, I was at!

Read the Jennifer Heinzel’s full blog post here:   Thymes Ancient Remedies

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